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Strange Weather is a site-specific on-going conceptual work that includes installations, workshops, performances, and very importantly collaborations. These images show works that were installed in the Radford University Gallery in Radford, Virginia, where the Improv Dance class and the Choir class both did movement and sound interventions/collaborations with the installed works. Woven newspaper sculptures, caste concrete newspaper sculptures, as well as a designed newspaper (used both as material for the woven sculptures, as well as ephemera for the exhibition space) were created using storm imagery and colors found in storm maps and radar as well as photography by e.turner. 

Pictured you will also see a collaborative installation work made with the art students at the Tulsa Community College where students sun-printed digitally gllitched imagery where e.turner imprinted the words Strange Weather into the digital photo code to manipulate and literally glitch the image. The students then used these images to sun print their own work. Each individual piece was then used to create one installation that was hung in the TCC gallery. 

A durational dance work was created for AHHA Tulsa, a work also by the name of Strange Weather, where dancers performed amongst a crowd for over an hour culminating with smoke bombs and a drone dancing with the performers.

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